2023-24 Board of Directors


Nigel Gilby


Finance Chair

Mike Opdecam

Dr. Cheryl Hartridge

Marc Lacoursiere

Kathleen Murphy

Violet Liu

Cathy Monaghan

Avery Kiana Wong


Individuals in the London Community who are interested in furthering the objectives of the Corporation may apply to join the Board of Directors as a member. New members shall be admitted from time to time by resolution of the board of directors. The period of membership of all members admitted to membership in the Corporation by resolution of the board of directors shall, unless the resolution admitting them to membership fixes a shorter period of time, be for two (2) years from the date on which the resolution was passed.

Any member may resign from membership in the Corporation upon notice in writing to the Secretary of the Corporation.


SUE HILLIS (Executive Director)

NEIL HOPSON (Director of Human Resources & Information Services)

TARA MCELROY  (Director of Client Services)

GORDON SAYLOR (Director of Finance)

SHARON HOWARD (Manager, Community Transitional Services)

BRENDA CAMPEAU (Manager of Clinical Services)

DAWN HOLMES (Manager, Assisted Living)

KIM HATHAWAY (Manager of Group Services)

RENEE PENNER (Assessor/Volunteer Coordinator)

KATIE VAREY (Manager, Intensive Community Transitional Services)

HEATHER MACINTYRE (Manager, Residential Transitional Services)

CORRINE NICHOLLS (Interim Executive Assistant)

Multi-Sectoral Service Accountability Agreement