Assisted Living Services

Assisted Living (AL) provides 24/7 residential services in a structured, safe environment within the London community. Services are flexible and individualized, with a focus on increasing and maintaining skills and enhancing quality of life. Service length ranges from short-term to lifelong.

Assisted Living Criteria:

  • Have identified rehabilitation and/or quality of life goals
  • Commitment to participate
  • Family/caregiver commitment to participate where applicable
  • Requires access to 24/7 support in a structured environment
  • Ability and willingness to have a roommate
  • Medically stable
  • Minimum 18 years of age, no upper age limit

Exclusion Criteria:

  • High level of risk of harm to others
  • Requires high levels of one-to-one support

Discharge Criteria:

  • Achievement of rehabilitation goals as identified in the Individual Service Plan where criteria are met to transition to a more independent living environment
  • Low levels of participation (ongoing service planning and referrals arranged as needed)
  • Repeated breach of service conditions as outlined in the Service Agreement
  • Change in functional status where higher levels of support are required, exceeding available program staffing resources

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