General Information

The clients and staff at Dale Brain Injury Services have been very fortunate over the years to have a small, but dedicated group of people who volunteer on a regular basis to assist us with enhancing the quality of life for people living with the effects of an acquired brain injury.

Volunteers come to us from all walks of life; some bring specific skills with them while others take skills away. 

“I really enjoy my time at Dale.  I am happy that I am able to assist in some small way.  I really like the fact that I am needed for a particular skill.”

Retired school teachers, Reikki Therapists, Reflexologists, Carpenters, Machinists and Sewing Enthusiasts are samples of the varied skills that some of our volunteers have shared with our clients. Another of our volunteers kept our Library up and running for 10 years. At the same time she gained valuable experience which assisted her in securing a position in the competitive job market. An example of a real “win, win” experience! 

There is no doubt that the time volunteers spend with participants is appreciated. 

 “I never really knew how the sewing machine worked or how to thread it, it took me several hours to learn, but now that I have, I will be able to do it on my own.” 

 Statements like this confirm how important and meaningful our volunteers are in our client's lives. 

We applaud all those who take the time out of their busy lives to contribute something back to the community and would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all our volunteers for the excellent work they do for us.