What Albert Street Means to Me.

Hello my name is Margaret and I have lived at Albert Street for almost two months and I am very happy.  I really enjoy my apartment and my independence.  I would like to thank Dale Brain Injury Services for helping me to get the apartment.

Having an apartment geared to my income has helped me with my money.  It lets me have extra money to go out and participate in activities I enjoy such as going to Mc Donald’s for a coffee or to Tim Horton’s for a steeped tea.  It also lets me have extra money for groceries and other things that I need to live independently.

Having staff in the building has helped me to become more independent.  When I moved to Albert Street staff were here to help me with unpacking, getting things for my apartment, cooking and grocery shopping.  They are always here when I need them and they check in on me to see how I am doing with my medications.

Since moving to Albert Street I have met new friends in the building which makes me joyful and happy.  I have also joined the Albert Street social committee which has helped me keep busy and involved in the building activities.

And I thank Dale Brain Injury Services again.
- Margaret, Albert Street Tenant

Dale Brain Injury Services - My Lifeline!

Dale has been a lifeline to me.  It’s good to have some activities to look forward to each week.  It’s great to feel that someone is there to support me with life skills, giving me ideas and suggestions on how to cope. They provided great encouragement and also listened to me; which is very important.  Dale has given me the skills to deal with situations that I never thought I could, this would be of great support for all that deal with an ABI.
- Doug E.

Clarence's Road Through Rehab

Below is a synopsis of ‘Clarence’s (not his real name) journey through rehabilitation at DBIS.

Prior to his admission to DBIS, Clarence had been told by a health practitioner that he had “plateaued” and that he would do better in a setting where he would be “safe”. Clarence had profound challenges with short and long-term memory, initiation, impulse control, anxiety, physical challenges and behavioural outbursts that interfered with his chances of working, loving and playing like most of us can. At the time of admission, Clarence was very confused. His treatment at DBIS included supports with skills training, physiotherapy, counseling, leisure and recreational activities, and activities of daily living to help him live independently.

After benefiting from an individualized, focused rehabilitation program at DBIS, Clarence is no longer on any medications, has transitioned to the Outreach program, has rented an apartment in the community, and attends the Clubhouse day program. Clarence has secured employment and has a loving girlfriend today! At DBIS it was never thought that Clarence had plateaued! His journey to success is life-long! His family said “after Clarence’s ABI, Dale Services is the best shot at another life that he has had. We are thankful for all the caring staff.”

After more than 25 years, DBIS continues to support clients to love work and play. We are true to our motto: We build futures!