What one DBIS Volunteer is passionate about.

Posted on April 15, 2011 by Sue Hillis

Traditionally in April organizations across Ontario honour the commitment and work of the volunteers affiliated with their programs and services. This year’s theme is Passion, Action, Impact. In non-profit organizations Volunteers perform a vital role in ensuring the success of organizations as they are its foundation.  It is generally the passion and actions of the original founding Volunteers that created the organization. The ongoing Volunteer Boards of Directors provide a direct link to the community, as they determine the mission and values for the organization, as well as the strategic directions.  The impact of Volunteers is deeply felt at every level.

It seems appropriate then for my blog in April to focus on the volunteer program here at Dale Brain Injury Services (DBIS). We have a Volunteer Board of Directors that provides several hours a month, monitoring and reviewing our results and setting directions for the future.   

As you can see from the volunteer area on this website there are lots of opportunities for volunteers to contribute to DBIS. It is a very open and flexible program - whatever hours and skills you wish to share, we will find a fit for you! 

Continuing on with the theme of my previous blog the main purpose of our volunteer program is to enhance the quality of life for the clients that we support.  Volunteers have contributed over 1500 hours of their personal time this year to help us improve our clients’ quality of life.

Here are a few words from one of our volunteer visitor program volunteers, Drew.

“The essence of the Volunteer program at Dale is compassion & respect for participants and volunteers.

Great care is taken to ensure the unique abilities and individual personal goals of participant and volunteer are complementary. After an extensive orientationprogram and review of in-depth policies and procedures, I felt thoroughly prepared for my volunteer role at Dale.

The Dale staff always provide ongoing support and opportunities for additional training and development.

I believe our quality of life (well being) is defined by opportunities we have to satisfy basic needs. We need to understand and be understood. We need a safe environment where we are protected and nurtured when we express our emotions. We need to belong to, and take part in, our social community. Above all, we need to develop caring, lasting relationships where we can love and feel loved.

All of these needs are met when a volunteer and participant take part in Dale’s volunteer program! What an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to a participants quality of life! Imagine David’s contribution to my quality of life when he offered me a piece of his Mr. Big candy bar. 

I cherish the time we spend together.”