Volunteering is Valued

Posted on January 24, 2013

Having recently joined Dale's team, I am excited to introduce myself.  My name is Christina Chalupa and I am the new Volunteer Coordinator for Dale Brain Injury Services.  Having worked in the community with volunteers for over 15 years, I am thrilled to be joining this wonderful organization.

Our Volunteers come from all walks of life and many have specific skills that they are happy to share.  Volunteering is a mutually rewarding experience.  Our Volunteers are engaged, supported and appreciated while they are provided with new life experiences, opportunities for socialization, furthering skill development and having fun.  Volunteers make a significant difference to our organization; they improve our client's quality of life by contributing time, engergies or talents that help to fulfill the organizations' mission.

Our current volunteer program includes the following positions:

  • Leisure Volunteer Visitor
  • Healthy Lifestyles Volunteer
  • Internet Guidance and Navigational Support
  • Seasonal Craft Workshops and Decorating Assistance
  • Volunteer Organizer
  • Games and Activities Volunteer

If you would like more information regarding our Volunteer Program, I would be happy to connect with you by telephone, email or in person, at a time that would be convenient for you.  Should you wish to contact me, my phone number is 519-434-8544 x121, or by email at christinac@daleservices.on.ca.  Join our team and Volunteer with Dale Brain Injury Services.


When I started getting involved at Dale earlier this school year, I was excited for what was to come. I was taken aback by the enthusiasm Christina conveyed at the first Volunteer Orientation I went to. After I started as a Leisure Volunteer, I understood why she was so passionate. This experience has been tremendously rewarding thus far. I would definitely recommend anyone considering to be a part of Dale Brain Injury Services.


Volunteering with Dale Brain Injury Services has been a wonderful experience for me. The volunteer program has been a great way to create meaningful relationships and impact peoples lives in positive and rewarding ways. It has truly been fantastic to volunteer with such a great organization. Christina and the staff at Dale are extremely passionate about what they do and are great at organizing fun events for the volunteers and clients.

Volunteering at DBIS

“I have led a music group through Dale for over a year now and I find it so gratifying. I have gotten to know an amazing group of people who come week after week. As a volunteer I occupy a unique space in Dale, neither client nor employee, and it means that I get to know the people in my group in a unique way… I get to share talents and a side of me that I can’t necessarily use in my career or my personal life; and I get to see a unique side of the people in my group, too—and it is big, for me; a deep honour. I love the way volunteering with Dale stretches me. I love that I can try new things, and that even if I make an attempt and it falls flat, I can just try again next week with something new and different. The members of my group are welcoming, honest, insightful, fun and open to new experiences. My music group is often the highlight of my week, and during hard times the volunteer work can be a source of strength and encouragement for me. I get so much out of it, personally.
If you are considering volunteering with Dale, I highly recommend it and encourage you to take the chance. When I initially signed up to volunteer, I had in mind something like helping a person with grocery shopping, something simple—but I had more to offer than that, and it was the volunteer coordinator who saw it and encouraged me to stretch and lead a music group instead. I am so grateful. Volunteering has provided me with a sense of fulfillment I didn’t even know I needed. I just love it.”