Camp Dawn, a vacation for some, an exciting experience for all!

Posted on May 23, 2013

Walter Gretzky & a DBIS clientCamp Dawn is run during September at Camp Trillium, a remote accessible camp site around Rainbow Lake. This camp gives people with brain injuries the opportunity to be themselves in an environment that fosters independence and encourages them to build relationships with others.  There are basic camp rules and guidelines that everyone must follow, but other than that, each person in attendance can choose how they want to participate in the activities offered. Camp Dawn is always full of fun and adventures such as canoeing, fishing, hiking, outdoor sports, and cabin challenges that encouraged cabin members to work together at a specific task. The ropes course is always a big hit with everyone.  In September 2011, meeting Walter Gretzky, hearing his story, and getting a signed autograph was a highlight of their experiences. As a staff member, and a member of the Camp Dawn Board of Directors, Camp Dawn is an amazing and enriching experience that never gets dull.  Being part of an atmosphere that encourages openness, willingness and a sense of acceptance for every participant is very rewarding.  It is great to see each person be themselves and focus on their abilities.  These four days are the only ‘vacation’ that some individuals have each year; I’m honoured to experience it with them.

Becky C.