At Dale Brain Injury Services we provide a continuum of high quality, client-centered services to persons affected by an acquired brain injury. By providing services that are accessible, evidence-based and responsive to the changing needs of our clients, our community, and our partners, DBIS supports individuals to maximize their strengths and live healthy, meaningful lives.

The overall focus of rehabilitation is to develop and improve functional skills to increase independence and improve quality of life reflecting best practices. Consistent with Dale Brain Injury Services’ philosophy, all services are Client centered, strengths based, least intrusive, evaluated, and provided in a respectful, ethical manner and Wellness, Interpersonal skills, and Meaningful activity (“WIM”) goal driven.

Wellness refers to achieving a state of physical, emotional and spiritual health by engaging in activities and performing tasks that are consistent with the individual’s personal goals and values and with the recommendations of support givers.

Interpersonal Skills refer to demonstrating the social skills required to interact effectively with others in the individual’s residence, immediate environment and larger community. These skills include communication and conversational skills, exhibiting care and concern (empathy) toward others, seeking and maintaining friendships and deeper relationships and resolving conflicts.

Meaningful Activities refer to identifying and participating in activities that are personally meaningful to the individual and that are consistent with their goals and values. These activities can include leisure/recreation, education, vocational and volunteering.

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